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The Political Leader

This General Election comes at a defining moment in our Nation’s history. The oil and gas boom of the last decade has fizzled out and the hard work of building

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People Centred

We Need Everyone and All Can Contribute In a country of 1.3 million people, the optimum contribution of each and every citizen is crucial. In a knowledge-driven economy, a strong basic

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Poverty Eradication & Social Justice

The number of people who continue to live under the poverty line is about 20%. For an energy-rich nation, this is totally unacceptable. Social Justice demands that abject poverty be

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Human Security for Peace and Prosperity.This is a critical area for our country and has been for some time. Trinidad and Tobago will not be able to design a desirable

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Info & Technology

Connecting T&T and Building the New Economy.Information and communication technologies (ICT) and the systems that they can create are fundamental to the development of every modern, progressive society.The ICT backbone,

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Economic Transformation

Building on the Native Genius of Our People. In a world in which innovation is the decisive competitive advantage, human initiative and creative capacity represent an enormous asset. Institutional frameworks need

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Good Governance

People Participation.The focus in this area will be on three (3) key elements for the purpose of ensuring transparency, accountability, participation and effective representation as essential principles of good governance.

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Foreign Policy

Securing Our Place in the WorldTrinidad and Tobago is a small state, an archipelagic island-state. We are part of CARICOM, which consists of a number of other small island states

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Monday, 30 Nov 2015
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Framework for Sustainable Development

Initiatives for a Secure, Prosperous and Sustainable Nation. We are guided by the principle that the highest mission of society is the development of its citizens. Accordingly the commitment of our government is to promote a process of people-centred development. To achieve our mission, we have built our policy on seven (7) Development Pillars, which are interconnected and which constitute the cornerstones of our strategy for sustainable development of Trinidad and Tobago. Our government will embrace the richness and beauty of our people’s great diversity to nurture a more humane and cohesive society. Unity in Diversity will inspire the ha...

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